Jeep Rentals

Renting a Jeep is one of the most exhilirating things you can do in the beautiful state of Colorado!   Check out our testimonials

Old mining roads and forest service roads are plentiful in our area.  Maps are available online by clicking here.  You'll never forget exploring these remote areas in our Jeeps.  They'll take you out there and bring you home again with memories to last a lifetime.

The TJ model of Wrangler is a proven performer.  We consider it a 2+2.  That is two adults and two children will fit.  Our Jeeps all have six cylinder power and 4 coil suspension, you get the best of both worlds for comfort and ruggedness.  There's good reason why these Jeeps have stood the test of time!

Our Jeep rentals are available on Highway 17 at Joyful Journey Hot Springs Spa and at the Great Sand Dunes National Park.  JJHS is just a few miles from the historic Bonanza Mining District.  And we are a permitted outfitter for the Great Sand Dunes National Park!  Our rental Jeeps are located outside the park at the Great Sand Dunes Lodge.

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Jeep rentals start at just $39 per hour (2 hr. minimum)  Discounts apply for extended bookings and full day rentals from Joyful Journey Hot Springs.

If you'd like to rent a Jeep contact us.  To be guided through the park, see our TOURS page for more details.

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Our Fleet

uno "UNO" is a Wrangler TJ model with 32" BFGs and a 2" lift with a 1.25" body lift.  We've also installed a motor mount lift to insure it rides as well on the highway as in does in the dirt.  It has the venerable 4.0L straight six engine with the TUPY head.  UNO is a very nice ride!

willie"WILLIE" is a TJ Wrangler with a 4.0L straight six for max power.  It has a 4" coil lift to help clear most obstacles.  32" BF Goodrich All terrain tires are mounted to balance the power with traction performance.  A swingout carrier gate and chrome accents keep Willie looking fresh.  

rudy1"RUDY" is our daily driver and guide vehicle.  It is a Grand Cherokee ZJ with V8 power.  3.5" coil lift and 32" Geolandars on steel wheels keep it rolling through the toughest terrain.   Rudy has proven capabilities in snow, mud, slickrock and boulder fields.  With leather seats and full electronics, Rudy travels the backcountry in style.

trio"TRIO" is a TJ Wrangler with the venerable 6 cylinder High Ouput engine.  It sports a 3" lift and 32" BFGoodrich tires mounted on black steelies with a 4" backspacing.  New Supreme Suspension shocks make for a great ride and sure footing.

rr"RED RALPH" is a beautiful TJ series Wrangler.  It's powerful 6 cylinder engine has the reliable 0630 head.  Ralph has a 3.5" coil lift and sits on 32" BFGs.  The hard top is great in cool weather and looks awesome.   The aux lighting package is very useful in dim conditions.

whitey "WHITEY" is a restored 1992 Jeep Cherokee.  It's our daily driver and guide vehicle.  Whitey has a 6 cyl. fuel injected 4.0L engine.  It is lifted 4" and has the venerable 242 transfer case.  With 32" Kenda Klever MTs, Whitey will go wherever we point it! 

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