Off Road Driving Skills

jsWhy not build a new skill set while you enjoy Jeeping in Colorado?

It's very important that drivers in the backcountry understand their machines and the rules that apply to them.  Our Off Road Driving Skills (ORDS) school is crafted to transfer this vital knowledge to the next class of off road enthusiasts.

There's much more to driving in the backcountry than just turning a key and pressing the skinny pedal.  4X4s are unique machines and there are specialized techniques needed for their use.  We cover winching techniques and usage of the venerable Hi-Lift jack; tire selection and tricks; mechanical items; driving technique; survival prep and knowledge; inertia and traction.

We tailor this course to each student and we also conduct WOMEN ONLY classes.  Novices and experts alike benefit from increasing their understanding of the physics involved and the strategies to employ when venturing off road.  It is not enough to buy or rent a jeep and hit the trails.  You must learn proper techniques in order to get maximum performance, enjoyment, and safety from your time spent in the backcountry.

Many people like to combine their ORDS school with a Jeep rental or bring a group of friends.  This maximizes their experience and we offer discounted rates for those who take this route.   See what others are saying

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The cost of the ORDS class is just $299 per student.  Additional students in the same vehicle are half price.  This includes the full instruction of the curriculum and a trip into the backcountry to put your new skills to the test.  Contact Us for more information... or simply reserve your time below.


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